Feature length digital works have been selected from around the world with the best works awarded prizes.
The competition received 283 submissions from 52 countries and regions from around the world this year. Of these, twelve selected works will be screened.Join us to hear messages from directors around the world in the best viewing environment with the latest screening facilities available.

Jury President : Richard Jobson (UK / Writer, Director)
Jury Members : Robert Allan Ackerman (USA / Director)
Yoko Narahashi (Japan / Stage Director, Songwriter, Casting Director) 
Bong-ou Lee (Japan / President of CINE QUA NON, Producer)

Grand Prize / Sony D-Cinema Award
Certificate and trophy are given by the festival organizers.
Trophy and cash reward of 10,000,000 yen is given by Sony and Sony Marketing.

Best New Director / Sony D-Cinema Award
Certificate and trophy are given by the festival organizers.
Trophy and cash reward of 2,000,000 yen are given by Sony and Sony Marketing.
(*Limited to the directors whose credits do not exceed three feature films)
★:Nominees for Best New Director

Best Screenplay / Sony D-Cinema Award
Certificate and trophy are given by the festival organizers.
Trophy and cash reward of 1,000,000 yen is given by Sony and Sony Marketing.

Best Technology / Sony D-Cinema Award
Achievement in use of digital technology
Certificate and trophy are given by the festival organizers. Trophy and cash reward of 1,000,000 yen are given by Sony
and Sony Marketing.

Special Jury Prize / Sony D-Cinema Award
Certificate and trophy are given by the festival organizers.
Trophy and cash reward of 1,000,000 yen is given by Sony and Sony Marketing.

* All films are subtitled in English and Japanese unless otherwise noted.
<Explanatory notes>Year / Country / Runtime / Shooting Format / Screening Master Format
スイカの皮からの旅立ち Movie 1000k 300k
2004 / Turkey / 101 min / DVCAM / Digital BETACAM
Director : Ahmet Ulucay
Cast : Ismail Hakki Taslak, Fizuli Jafarov, Kadir Kaymaz

Recep, who helps a watermelon vendor, and Mehmet, who works with a bossy barber, both dream of becoming film directors and getting out of their village. They find old thrown out strips of film, and try to project them by hand in an abandoned stable. One day, Recep starts to fall in love with the daughter of a wealthy family to whom he brings unripe watermelons for their cows.
太っちょ泥棒のラブライフ Movie 1000k 300k
2006 / Sweden / 82 min / HDCAM / HDCAM
Director : Henrik Sylven
Cast : Frida Hallgren, Thomas Kohler, Vanna Rosenberg

Harry, a fat pickpocket weighing 180kg, is torn between two women - Karin, the policewoman who arrested him, and his dead wife. Afraid of the ghost of his jealous wife who haunts him, he is unable to start a new relationship with Karin. What will become of their love triangle?
クスクス Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / Germany-Swiss / 95 min / DVCPRO / Digital BETACAM
Director : Soren Senn
Cast : Carina Wiese, Saida Jawad, Axel Schrick

Katja, an assistant doctor, and Hendrik, a scholar of ancient languages live happily together. One day, Katja opens their home to a young Algerian woman, Saida. Katja tries to be good to her and ignores the relationship growing between Hendrik and Saida. Soon, though, things start to get out of control.
オレのために泣くかアルゼンチンよ Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / Argentina / 93 min / DV / DVCAM
Director : Bae Youn-suk
Cast : Kim Borum, Cho Duk-kyu

Duk-kyu and Borum are two Korean youths who have moved to Argentina with their families. The two become close after Borum's father's illegal clothing factory is raided by the police. Meanwhile Hyuong-sik and his gang, who are frustrated with their lives, think of an outrageous plan. What awaits them, filled as they are with rage and sorrow?
シュニッツェル・パラダイス Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / The Netherlands / 84 min / HDCAM / Digital BETACAM
Director : Martin Koolhoven
Cast : Noah Mounir Valentyn, Bracha van Doesburgh, Tygo Gernandt

Nordip, a bright man who is the son of a Moroccan immigrant family, can't figure out what to do with his life, and starts to work secretly against his father's wishes, in a hotel restaurant filled with dropouts. There, he meets Agnes, the owner's attractive niece, and begins to see her behind his co-workers' backs. Can the two overcome their hardships and stay together?
ハリヨの夏 Movie 1000k 300k
2006 / Japan / 98 min / DVCPRO / HDCAM SR
Director : Mayu Nakamura
Cast : Sayoko Oho, Kengo Kora, Jun Fubuki

Summer of 1990, Kyoto. 18-year-old Mizuho receives a stickelback fish from her father who lives apart and promises herself that she will take care of it.
Mizuho grows into a woman as she experiences her parents' divorce, falls in love with an American who is a deserter of the Vietnam War and becomes pregnant, all in a single summer.
プレイ Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / Chile-France-Argentina / 105 min / HDCAM / HDCAM
Director : Alicia Scherson
Cast : Viviana Herrera, Andres Ulloa, Juan Pablo Quezada

Cristina is a young nurse who has come to Santiago from the countryside with dreams. She spends her days reading National Geographic articles to her elderly Hungarian patient Milos and flirting with a gardener in the park. When she finds a briefcase in a dustbin, she starts to follow the owner, Tristan, a 33-year-old architect.
契約 Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / China / 100 min / HDCAM / HDCAM
Director : Lu Xuechang
Cast : Li Jiaxuan, Pan Yueming

The company Guo Jiaju started after graduating from university goes under and even his girlfriend leaves him. He learns that his father is seriously ill and has requested that his son return to the small mountain village with his fiancee. Faced with this situation, Jiaju pays a prostitute, Lily, to accompany him and pretend to be his fiancee.
ザ・スコア Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / Canada / 83 min / HDCAM / HDCAM
Director : Kim Collier
Cast : Jane Perry, Jonathon Young, Kevin McNulty

Dr.Magnusson is a brilliant geneticist trying to isolate a cancer-causing gene. With everything conspiring against her - competition from a well funded French lab, a risky office romance, her ticking biological clock and the fear that she might carry the same Huntington's gene that prematurely ended her mother's life - what will become of her lab and her own future?
メイクング・ウェーブズ Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / UK / 86 min / HDCAM SR / HDCAM SR
Director : Nicolas Van Pallandt
Cast : Craig Henderson, Susie Benton

Robert is a lonely video store owner who enjoys talking to his ham-radio friends. A Russian cosmonaut marooned on the space station Mir, a paranoid conspiracy nut, an ex-surfer confined to a wheelchair, a Welsh priest and a new member, Rachael. Things start to get complicated when Robert and Rachael, who have never met in person, fall in love.
スクジーテク〈小さな妖精〉 Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / Czech Republic / 87 min / Digital BETACAM / HDCAM
Director : Tomas Vorel
Cast : Eva Holubova, Bolek Polivka, Anicka Marhoulova

A father who's a butcher; a mother who's a supermarket cashier; a daughter who hates to study; and a son who's a pothead. The family moves to the city and, though life becomes more comfortable, the problems never end. The father's having an affair; the son's starting fights. But things really get out of hand when Skritek shows up with a magic wand...
グッバイ・マイ・ラブ Movie 1000k 300k
2005 / China / 95 min / HDCAM SR, HDCAM, HD-D5 / HDCAM
Director : Shi Chen-feng
Cast : Yue Hong, Wen Zhang

Su Mang is a school dropout and his parents are divorced. He lives with his mother, who busy with her work at a small frozen dumpling factory, neglects him and tries to satisfy all his needs by giving him money.
Su Mang enjoys his spoiled life, until one day his mother finds out that she has cancer and little time to live.