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Stardust Family ◊ none◊

7.22 (Fri) 10:30 Convention Hall
*No English Subtitles Free Admission / No Reserved Seat / First-come first-served basis (no ticket required).

Today, when the Perseid Meteor Shower occurs, I am forced to practice the piano by my overly affectionate mother. But what I really want to do is to draw pictures. My father, who is a man of few words, and my brother, who is worldly, know this but try not to rock the boat. When my mother doesn’t notice the family drawing I made, I finally run away from home....

©Saitama Prefecture / SKIP CITY Sai-no-Kuni Visual Plaza

Director: Soh SUZUKI
Producer: Nobuyuki MIYAKE
Cast:Yoshiki AKIYAMA, Haruto OKAMOTO, Shinobu TSUJI, Takashi OMOTO, Hiroyuki KANBARA

2022 / Japan



Director: Soh SUZUKI

A member of Gazebo Film. Suzuki is studying filmmaking as a director as well as drawing an original cartoon essay.