For Press

Press Pass / Delivery of Promotional Materials

SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL will issue a Press Pass ID for press people (pre-registration required).

People Eligible for the Press Pass

Media, Press, Critics, Writers, Journalists

*For people in production, distribution, PR, theaters, film festivals, and other film-related companies, organizations, please apply for the General Pass.

*Only the applicant himself / herself can apply for and use the pass. Transfers and resales are strictly prohibited.

Period / Films for which the Press Pass is valid


10:00 on September 25 (Sat) ~ 23:00 on October 3 (Sun), 2021


All International and Japanese Film competition films

* If you would like to conduct individual interviews, please contact the festival’s PR staff.

Period / Method for Registration

The registration of Press Passes is now closed.

Screening Procedure

Those who have completed the Press Pass registration will receive an email from the festival office with your Press Pass ID and password by September 24.

You can only watch the screenings of SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVL 2021 on the official site of “Cinema Discoveries” by logging in with the issued ID and password.

*You cannot watch other streaming films on “Cinema Discoveries” other than the films from t the festival.

Cautions for Online Viewing

*Viewing is only possible from browsers (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

<Recommended OS / Browsers>

  • Windows 10 / Edge、Chrome
  • macOS (10.12 and higher)/ Safari、Chrome
  • Android (4.4 and higher) / Chrome
  • iOS (10 and higher) / Safari

* Please use the latest version of your browser.

* Even if the OS version is supported, some phone models may not be compatible.

* Viewing is possible only when accessing the site from within Japan. The films cannot be viewed from overseas. (If you use an overseas IP address, you cannot watch the films even if you are accessing the site from Japan. Please check with your provider to see if you can watch them with your IP address.)

* There is a maximum viewing number for some titles due to rights matters. These films will be inaccessible when the viewing number reaches 500, even if it’s during the festival. Your understanding is appreciated.

(Films with a maximum 500 viewing limit)

  • Buladó
  • Festival
  • Kiss Me Before It Blows Up
  • Luzzu
  • Rival

* The Online Screening period of the festival will be 10:00 on September 25 (Sat) to 23:00 on October 3 (Sun), 2021. The screening will end after this period, so please complete viewing by 23:00 on the last day, October 3 (Sun).

Delivery of Promotional Materials including Film Stills

If you would like to use the poster images and logos of SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2021, and text materials and stills of the films, please contact the PR staff at the following contact.




For General Inquiries

*For the Industry Professionals General Pass Accreditation

If you would like to apply for General Pass Accreditation, please contact us.