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Current D-Cinema 2014

Cinema Kabuki

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Animation Competition

Animation①(Total 58min.)

Sunset Flower Blooming/ Way Back to the Sea/The Rush Hour Commuters/Airy Me/Hashi no Mukou/Slap Stick/Oni no Tsuno

*in no particular order


[ Animation① Animation② ]

Sunset Flower Blooming


China in the 1960s. An old lady rests in a garden enjoying the evening breeze. The sky turns orange and a sunset flower blossoms. The site reminds her of the time when she was young and beautiful. A portrait with an impressionistic engraving tone.

Sunset Flower Blooming

©HU Yuanyuan/Tokyo University of the Arts

Director:Yuanyuan Hu


Way Back to the Sea

*No English Subtitles <2014/Japan/9min>

A catfish can never return to the sea. The large catfish trapped in the riverbank lives with the small catfish quietly in a small boat full of memories. A gentle portrait of a young boy who takes care of the catfish.


©2014 Kaori Iwase / Tokyo University of the Arts

Director:Kaori Iwase


The Rush Hour Commuters


Corporate employees go to work fighting drowsiness and fatigue, and come home even more fatigued at night. They are the “Rush Hour Commuters”, professional commuters. A poignant look at the irony of modern day Japan.

The Rush Hour Commuters


Director:Akifumi Nonaka


Airy Me


A mysterious medical experiment is being conducted in a hospital ward. The test subjects are given shots daily. One day after the dose was given, one of the subjects turn into the Chimera. Inspired by a song of Cuushe.

Airy Me

© 2013Yoko Kuno

Director:Yoko Kuno


Hashi no Mukou

*No English Subtitles <2012/Japan/10min>

What did Otoha, a freshman reporter, encounter in the alley way? As the real and spiritual worlds collide drenched in red brown color, <Hashi no Mukou> emerges. An inventive animation with a unique structure narrated by a benshi, a performer that provides narration for silent films.

Hashi no Mukou

© TSUKAHARA, Shigeyoshi

Director:Shigeyoshi Tsukahara


Slap Stick


Taichi falls in love at first sight and consults his chat members on , a SNS website. The members from all over the world suggest ideas using their avatars. A joyful and uproarious CG animation.

Slap Stick


Director:Kousuke Obara


Oni no Tsuno


A young doctor of Chinese medicine lives in a secluded village. One day, he treats an injured goblin. Since then, many sick and injured monsters visit him. But he begins to suffer from mysterious illness. A touching tale of the kind hearted goblin.

Oni no Tsuno


Director:Ritsuko Morita



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