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Welcome to SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival: a meeting point of high quality entertainment with constantly evolving new digital expression and exciting new talent!

With the recent emergence of digital tools, new found freedom of expressions is now wide-spreading regardless of age, experience, and culture and fast becoming the most popular medium for film productions. The SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival is an international competitive film festival, one of the first festivals to distinguish itself with its unique focus on films solely shot and edited on digital.

Since the inception in 2004, the festival has been held annually seeking high quality innovative submissions from all over the world exploring new possibility for digital expression. Our aim is to discover the next generation of filmmakers and support the development of new kind of audio-visual industry. Our festival was the only one in Japan to be named as Variety's "50 Unmissable Fests" and continues to gain recognitions all over the world.

The festival features two competition categories. The Feature Length Competition accepts submissions from all over the world. Starting in 2009, the program has been divided into World Cinema Section and Japanese Cinema Section in order to provide more opportunities for Japanese filmmakers. In addition, the SKIP City Award has been established to support the up and coming Japanese filmmakers and their activities at SKIP City. Since the 2nd edition, the Short Length Competition has been focusing on the works by Japanese filmmakers in order to provide support for emerging talent.

For the Feature Length Competition, the jury consists of international film industry professionals. For the Short Length Competition, the jury consists of film industry professionals in Japan. After the pre-selection process, the finalists are screened to be judged by the jury during the festival and the awards are announced and given at the closing ceremony. In addition, the festival also features Gala Screening Section, special programs, and hosts various events.

All the films are screened with 4K digital cinema projectors at the state of the art theaters during the festival. The audience members have opportunities to interact with filmmakers from all over the world as well as the jurors and other film industry professionals. We aim to create an intimate atmosphere within the high profile international film festival setting. We encourage filmmakers to seize opportunities at our festival and hope to become a springboard for the audacious young filmmakers.


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