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*Please be advised all the events are subject to cancellation or postponement depending on the weather.


Play with Mascots!

Jul.15(Sun) at the Promenade/ Center Circle(2F)

All the mascot characters related to SKIP City are assembled.Come and play with us!


 ●For Inquiries: DIGITAL SKIP STATION 048-264-7777


Welcome to A Light Music Concert!

Jul.15(Sun) 10:30 ー /14:00 ー at the Center Circle(2F)

Join us for the live music performance by New Notes Orchestra, a popular local amateur big band group. The lineup includes jazz standards, popular soundtracks, Japanese pops, and brand new J-POPs, all flavored with a touch of Glenn Miller.

 ●For Inquiries: DIGITAL SKIP STATION 048-264-7777


Disaster Prevention Booth

Jul.15(Sun),16(Mon) 10:00 ー 15:00 at the Promenade

Adults and kids can learn what to do when the natural disaster strikes, and experience the simulated earthquake up to the magnitude 7. Also a panel exhibition on the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 ●Hosted by Kawaguchi City Fire Defense Headquarters

 ●For Inquiries: General Aairs of Fire Defence Department 048-261-3119


One Day Petting Zoo

Jul.16(Mon) 11:00 ー 16:00 at the Center Circle(2F)

You can touch and feed rabbits , guinea pigs, ducks, bantam, and chicks. The veteran experts will show you how to handle the animals. Safe and great fun for an entire family.

 ●For Inquiries: DIGITAL SKIP STATION 048-264-7777


Enjoy Outdoor Screening!
Kimba the White Lion-Theater Version-

Jul.16(Mon) 19:00 ー 20:30 at the Promenade

Enjoy an outdoor screening under the starry summer sky. Bring your family and cool off together.

 ●For Inquiries: DIGITAL SKIP STATION 048-264-7777


Special Events

Jul.21(Sat),22(Sun) 10:30 ー 16:30 at the Promenade

Aya IkedaA special mini live performance by Aya Ikeda, a singer of the opening theme song of Smile Precure! on Jul. 22. Also featuring live music performance by the local brass band and orchestra plus performances by street performers, free giveaways at Kawaguchi Auto Race Booth and much more!

 ●Hosted by NPO Saitama Audio-Visual Volunteers

 ●For Inquiries: 048-259-3421


Hatogaya Local Produce Market

Jul.21(Sat) 10:00 ー 16:00 at the Center Circle(2F)

Featuring various local produce and crafts produced in Hatogaya, a town of tradition and vivacious spirit!

 ●Hosted by Hatogaya Society of Commerce and Industry

 ●For Inquiries: 048-281-5555

Movie Selection

Jul.21(Sat) 12:00 ー 16:00 at the Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University(6F)

Screening of various student shorts which screened at film festivals. Anyone who is interested in documentary, drama, animation, and media art as well as family members of all ages are sure to enjoy. Free admission.

 ●For Inquiries: Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University 048-269-7961

SKIP CITY Bon Dancing

Jul.21(Sat) 18:00 ー at the Promenade

Annual international event SKIP CITY Bon Dancing! The guests from the film festival will also join the circle of song and dance.

 ●Hosted by Kamiaoki Central Council

Come and Play with “GOMIMARU” Trampoline

Jul.22(Sun) 10:00 ー 15:15 at the Promenade

Family and Kids can hop and jump in “ GOMIMARU ” Trampoline for free.

 ●Hosted by Kawaguchi City

 ●For Inquiries: Kawaguchi City Industry Promotion Section

Saitama Prefecture Film Commission Exhibition

During the Festival at the Convention Hall Lobby(1F)

An exhibition of stills from various location shoots in Saitama as well as illustrations of animated characters featured in Saitama Prefecture PR movie.

 ●For Inquiries: Saitama Prefecture Commerce and Service Industry Support Division 048-830-3734


NHK Archives Summer Festival

During the Festival at NHK Archives (2F)

Screening of various popular old TV programs organized by NHK archives.




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