What's IDCF?




What's IDCF?


Film Festival Dedicated to D-Cinema (Digital Cinema),
the Standard Cinema Format of the 21st Century

With increasing access to digital tools and new business models booming, audio-visual creators are now given freedom to express themselves freely regardless of age, background, and culture. SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL is a competitive festival that focuses solely on the works shot and produced digitally.


The festival, marking the 12th edition since its launch in 2004, seeks and solicits works that explore new potential of digital filmmaking with entertainment value from all over the world. Our objective is to discover the next generation of talent and encourage the development of new audio-visual industry.


The Gateway to Success For Emerging Filmmakers

The competition is the main section of the Festival. There are three competition categories; Feature Length Competition, Short Length Competition, and Animation Competition, which was newly launched last year for discovering a wider range of creators. This year, we have received almost 500 submissions from 74 countries and regions for Feature Length Competition. Short Length and Animation Competition categories are open only to the works created by Japanese filmmakers in order to encourage them.


In each competition category, a jury board, which consists of esteemed industry professionals, reviews the nominees and awards the winners on the last day of the festival. Jury members and various guests from all over the world visit the festival to network and expand the wave of exchange with the audience members. All screenings are projected with 4K digital cinema projectors in the best screening condition.


New Talent that Spread Wings Around the World

Many of our festival alumni went on to earn successful careers domestically and internationally. Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the winner of Grand Prize of Feature Length Competition category in 2007 with Climates, won awards with his three consecutive films at Cannes Film Festival; Best Director with Three Monkeys (2008), Grand Jury Prize with Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (2011), and Palme d'Or with Winter Sleep (2014). Kazuya Shiraishi, the winner of SKIP CITY Award in 2009 with Lost Paradise in Tokyo, went on to direct The Devil's Path (2013), which won many awards in Japan. Simple Simon (2011) wasreleased theatrically in Japan after the festival premiere. In addition, Capturing Dad (2012) had its world premiere at our festival and then was invited to Berlin International Film Festival and theatrically released in 2013. Thus the festival has achieved results over these 12 years. We sincerely hope that more new talent with challenging spirits continues to grab business opportunities and spread their wings around the world.



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