Privacy Policy

When it is used this website (, please read the following "use conditions" well.

When it was used this website, I consider that I had you agree to the following conditions.

In addition, I ask for have me agree to the following conditions and write down the use of this website when there is not it.

In addition, please understand a use condition because there is a situation revised without a notice.


  1. I observe a law about protection of personal information and laws and ordinances concerned.
  2. When I deal with the acquisition of personal information, I do it by legality and fair means.
  3. It talks about personal information in a range of the use purpose that I specified appropriately.
  4. I do not offer personal data to the third person without getting an agreement of the person himself except a case to fix for laws and ordinances beforehand.
  5. In a range to be necessary for the achievement of a use purpose, I try to keep personal data in accuracy and the latest contents.
  6. I come, and prevention of loss takes need and an appropriate information security step for other safe management a leak, loss of personal data.
  7. When it was demanded disclosure, a correction, a use stop, elimination to establish in law by the person himself, I cope by a necessary range immediately.
  8. I carry out the training for an employee so that personal data to handle are managed appropriately and do need and appropriate supervision.
  9. I do need for joint user, outside trust ahead and appropriate supervision so that personal information is managed appropriately I use personal data jointly or when I entrust the third person with the handling of personal data.