2007 Results of the Competitions

Feature Length Competition

Grand Prize  Climates (Turkey, France)
Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Sony D-Cinema Award: 10,000,000yen
Best New Director Skies above the Landscape (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Director: Nenad Djuric

Sony D-Cinema Award: 2,000,000yen
Best Screenplay Children of the Moon (Germany)
Director: Manuela Stacke 

Sony D-Cinema Award: 1,000,000yen
Best Technology Skymaster, A Flying Family Fairytale (Denmark)
Directors: Michael Wikke & Steen Rasmussen

Sony D-Cinema Award: 1,000,000yen
Special Jury Prize Heartlines (South Africa)
Director: Angus Gibson

Sony D-Cinema Award: 1,000,000yen


Short Length Competition

Best Picture  Let's Go Bang-Chow Dead or Alive complete edition
Director: Atsushi Suzuki

Kawaguchi Citizens' Award: 1,000,000yen
Honorable Mention Stardust Serenade
Director: Bunji Sotoyama

Kawaguchi Citizens' Award: 500,000yen
Twilight Clouds -First Love-
Directors: Akanemaru
(Tazuko Aso & Tetsuya Kawaguchi)

Kawaguchi Citizens' Award: 500,000yen

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