2007  Jury

Feature Length Competition

President of the Jury Mabel Cheung(Hong Kong)
Jury Coleman Hough(USA)
Writer, Director

Peter van Bueren(The Netherlands)
Film Critic

Akira Morishige(Japan)


Short Length Competition

President of the Jury Masanobu Takashima(Japan)
Jury The jury consists of 5 members of the Citizens' Circle to Support SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL

Yoshio Ito(Japan)
Former NHK producer

Taro Inoue(Japan)
Vice President of Kawaguchi Junior Chamber

Fumio Ehara
NPO Saitama Audio-Visual Volunteers

Akira Nakajima(Japan)
Former TBS

Yuma Matsukawa(Japan)
Cinema Analyst, The Japan Film Pen Club


*All the business titles and the names of the companies are in reference to the ones at the time of the events.


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