2017 Jury

Feature Length Competition

President of the Jury Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan)  
Film Director
Jury Member Seigo Fukada (Japan)
Film Producer, Shochiku Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

Sabrina Baracetti (Italy)
President, Far East Film Festival

Liz Shackleton (UK, Hong Kong)
Asia Editor, Screen International


Short Length Competition

President of the Jury Shoji Masui(Japan)
President, Altamira Pictures Inc., Film Producer
Jury Member Hinako Saeki(Japan)

Don Brown (New Zealand, Japan)
Japanese Film Translator



Animation Competition


President of the Jury Masashi Koide(Japan)
Animation Researcher, Professor of Tokyo Zokei University
Jury Member Takashi Mawatari (Japan)
Chairman of Animation Committee, Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan, Inc.

Hisako Matsumoto (Japan)
Corporate Officer, NHK Enterprises, Inc.


*All the business titles and the names of the companies are in reference to the ones at the time of the events.

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