2016 Jury

Feature Length Competition

President of the Jury Yutaka Okada (Japan)  
President, ARGO PICTURES INC., Film Producer
Jury Member Shiori Kazama(Japan)  
Film Director

Mike Macari (USA)
President, Koji Productions, Film Producer

Yu Wang (China)
President, Ray Production Co., Ltd., Film Producer


Short Length Competition

President of the Jury Shoji Masui(Japan)
President, Altamira Pictures Inc., Film Producer
Jury Member Tamae Ando(Japan)

Makoto Matsuzaki (Japan)
Cinema Activist, TV and Radio Writer


Animation Competition

President of the Jury Ryusuke Hikawa(Japan)
Animation and Special Effect Specialist, Guest Professor, Meiji University Graduate School
Jury Member Tadashi Sudo (Japan)

Arisa Wakami (Japan)
Animation Director


*All the business titles and the names of the companies are in reference to the ones at the time of the events.

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