2014 Jury

Feature Length Competition

President of the Jury Jiro Shindo(Japan)  
President, Kindai Eiga Kyokai Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director, Japan Film Makers Association
Jury Member Satoru Tabei (Japan)  
Marketing Manager, Tokyo Theatres Co.,Inc.

Catherine Dussart (France)

James Liu (Taiwan)
President,Joint Entertainment International Inc.


Short Length Competition

President of the Jury Shoji Masui(Japan)
President, Altamira pictures, Inc. / Film Producer
Jury Member Noriyasu Hirakata(Japan)
President, Pictures Network Co., Ltd

Yuko Shiomaki (Japan)
President, Pictures Dept. Co. Ltd.


Animation Competition

President of the Jury Mitsuru Sato(Japan)
President, Katayanagi Institute, Nihon Kogakuin,Creators College / Executive Producer, StudioCAL
Jury Member Masahiko Minami (Japan)
President, BONES INC., / Producer

Atsushi Ohara (Japan)
Journalist, The Asahi Shimbun Company


*All the business titles and the names of the companies are in reference to the ones at the time of the events.

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