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Premier Screening Opening Screening / Cinema-Kabuki

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Premiere Screening : Opening Screening / Cinema-Kabuki

Opening Screening

Based on the comic by Fumiyo Kono and made into a film by Kiyoshi Sasabe, the film Yunagi City, Sakura Country will mark the beginning of the Festival. The outdoor set was constructed within the SKIP City grounds last summer and the re-creation of the barrack city of Hiroshima in the 1958, gained much attention.

Yunagi City, Sakura Country

7.14 (SAT) - 14:00


2007 / Japan / 118 min / HDCAM
© 2007 Yunagi City, Sakura Country production committee. All rights reserved.

Minami Hirano lived in the city of Hiroshima, 13 years after the atomic bomb. Though her fellow worker, Yutaka Uchikoshi declared his love to her, she could not accept him because of a sense of guilty that many people, including her baby sister, were killed in the bombing and she survived. Uchikoshi understood her feeling and kindly accepted her. In the meantime, radiation illness starts to appear on her body. Half a century has passed since Minami died at the age of 26. Minami's brother, Asahi, travels alone to Hiroshima from Tokyo without telling his family where he is going. Concerned about her father, Asahi daughter Nanami follows him, and begins to realize how her family has suffered for all those years. She also learns about her own origin. Japan hopes the world will watch this film. A touching story, receiving critical acclaim has been completed.

Director : 

Kiyoshi Sasabe

Casts : 

Rena Tanaka, Kumiko Aso / Hisashi Yoshizawa, Noriko Nakagoshi, Mitsunori Isaki, Yuta Kanai /Shiho Fujimura, Masaaki Sakai

Original Story : 

Fumiyo Kono

Screenplay : 

Kei Kunii, Kiyoshi Sasabe

Music : 

Shokei Muramatsu

Harp : 

Naori Uchida


Cinema-Kabuki is the work of a live Kabuki performance using high-performance high-definition digital video cameras for showing in movie theaters: a completely new type of visual recording. We will show you two highly acclaimed works with English subtitles as world premiere.

Kyokanoko Musume Ninin Dojoji

* With English Subtitles

7.17 (TUE) - 11:30


© Shochiku

Musume Dojoji is the most famous and gorgeous Japanese dance. This Ninin Dojoji is performed by two beauties (two dancers act one avenging spirit), going through the usual series of dances as in the orthodox Musume Dojoji version.

Performed in February, 2006 (71 min)

Cast : 

Tamasaburo Bando, Kikunosuke Onoe

Togitatsu no Utare: Noda version

* With English Subtitles

7.21 (SAT) - 11:00


© Shochiku

This drama is based on an actual vendetta which took place in the Province of Sanuki. This version is a comic drama, inspired by a real life event from 1827, this piece takes the age-old theme of samurai honor and revenge presenting it in a refreshingly modern light with touches of irony.

Performed in May, 2005 (100min)

Script & Direction : 

Hideki Noda

Cast : 

Kanzaburo Nakamura
Somegoro Ichikawa
Mitsugoro Bando and others.

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