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World Cinema(9films)
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World Cinema [1 / 2 / 3]


The Crossing

多目的ホール Oct.9(Sun)17:30  映像ホール Oct.13(Thu)11:00 <2010/Turkey/95min.>

The Crossing

ⒸArti Productions

Güven works as an accountant and appears to be an ordinary father who loves his daughter, but in fact, he lives a solitary life in an imaginary world. His colleague Arzu notices this and tries to unveil the secrets without realizing their lives have crossed once before.

Director/Selim Demirdelen
Born 1969 in Stuttgart, Germany, Demirdelen studied Economics at Istanbul University. He won awards at the IFSAK Short Film Contest with his first short film Hasret and Cevre. While working in film, his music career was launched in 2002 with his first album entitled Beat Bazaar. He composed the soundtrack for Barda and also directed the TV series "Bicak Sirti" for Kanal D for its 2007-2008 season. The Crossing is his first feature film, for which he also wrote and composed its soundtrack.

Beyond the Steppes

多目的ホール Oct.12(Wed)10:30  映像ホール Oct.15(Sat)14:30 <2010/Belgium, Poland/83min>

Beyond the Steppes


During the World War II, Nina, a young Polish woman, is deported with her baby by the Soviet Army to the remote and inhospitable lands of the USSR. When her baby falls ill, she sets out on a journey alone to the barren land in search of medications. A moving film about a courageous young mother inspired by historical events.

Director/Vanja d'Alcantara
Vanja d'Alcantara studied filmmaking at the Brussels Film School. After traveling to New York to study screenwriting, she worked on several projects including TV commercials and short films. In 2004, she produced and directed her first documentary, La Tercera Vida (The Third Life), shot entirely in a Spanish prison. Granitsa (The Border), her 2006 short film shot on the Trans-Siberian train, was selected at various national and international festivals. Beyond the Steppes is her first feature film.

Simple Simon

映像ホール Oct.9(Sun)17:00  多目的ホール Oct.14(Fri)14:30 <2010/Sweden/83min.>

Simple Simon

Ⓒ2010 Naive AB, Sonet Film AB, Scenkonst Västernorriand AB, Dagsljus AB, Ljud & Bildmedia AB

Simon loves outer space, circles and his older brother Sam. When Sam is dumped by his girlfriend, Simon’s simple life is turned upside down. He is now determined to find Sam a new girlfriend to restore normalcy in his own life. A cute, kitsch, and ultimately heartwarming tale from Sweden.

Director/Andreas Öhman
At the age of 16, Öhman decided he wanted to be a filmmaker. In 2007, with his first short film Blandband #307, he won the most prestigious short film award in Sweden and later co-created the first animated sitcom “Myggan” for SVT, the Swedish public service TV company. After directing two more short films, he made his feature film debut with Simple Simon which was nominated for the Audience Award at Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Feature Length Competition [World CinemaJapanese Cinema]
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