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World Cinema(9films)
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Tucker & Dale vs Evil

多目的ホール Oct.10(Mon)17:30  映像ホール Oct.13(Thu)17:30 <2010/Canada/88min.>

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

ⒸDan Power 

Tucker and Dale are two well-meaning hillbillies vacationing in a cabin in the middle of the woods. When a group of young college kids go camping in the woods, they mistake Tucker and Dale as serial killers. One misunderstanding leads to another and the situation becomes out of control.

Director/Eli Craig
After college, Craig began working as a mountain guide. He began working as an actor in the late 90s, starring in such films as Deal of a Lifetime, The Rage: Carrie 2 and Space Cowboys. In 2005, he earned an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he wrote and directed several award winning short films. Tucker & Dale vs Evil is his feature film directorial debut.


多目的ホール Oct.10(Mon)11:00  映像ホール Oct.12(Wed)17:30 <2010/Colombia, Panama/90min.>


Two house maids Toña and Paquita are fed up with the poor wages and the abuse they get from their employer. They decide to kidnap their master and demand a ransom only to discover that the family has a secret that no one knows. A smart and arousing comedy from Panama.

Director/Abner Benaim
Born 1971 and raised in Panama, Benaim moved to Israel in 1999 and began his filmmaking studies at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv. He received his BA in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania, studied art in Florence, Italy, and worked as an entrepreneur in Panama. Several of the documentary films he produced and directed have won awards in the international community, including New York Television Festival, Monte Carlo TV Festival, Haifa International Film Festival. Benaim is currently based in Panama City where he finished his first feature film Chance.

26 Happiness Road

映像ホール Oct.10(Mon)13:30  多目的ホール Oct.14(Fri)17:30 <2010/China・Hong Kong/88min>

26 Happiness Road

After a long absence, Xun Qing visits her village to see her father and ask him to move in with her. But he is too stubborn to accept her request. As her 26th birthday approaches, a chasm between
the father and the daughter grows. A film about the missed relationship and love between a parent and a child.

Director/Bill Chiu
Bill Chiu studied photography at the Beijing Film Academy. Upon graduation, he worked in an advertisement industry and later begun participating in film productions including several independent films such as Jia Zhangke’s Xiao Wu and some major productions such as Mongol and Black Mask 2: City of Masks. He has also worked with renowned photographer Peter Pau for years. 26 Happiness Road, a project funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, is his debut feature.

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Feature Length Competition [World CinemaJapanese Cinema]
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