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Japanese Cinema(3films)
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Japanese Cinema


Spinning Kite

多目的ホール Oct.12(Web)13:30  映像ホール Oct.15(Sat)11:00 <2011/Japan/109min.>

Spinning Kite

Jun, Bunji, Kido and Maki spend their days wandering aimlessly in the city of Kisarazu where sense of dread rules the streets while the adults around them desperately wish them to change. One day,
they find a kite caught up in electric wires. A coming of age story about wandering days of suburban slackers.

Director/Satoshi Kase
Born 1975 in Chiba, Kase enrolled in Japan Academy of Moving Images after a brief stint as a hairdresser, a musician, and a freelance part timer. Upon graduation, he worked on various film productions as an assistant director while writing scripts and organizing actor’s workshop Creative-jam. In 2008, his directorial debut Focus, which featured actors from the workshop, was screened at Tama New Wave. His second directorial effort Spinning Kite is an autobiographical film.


映像ホール Oct.10(Mon)17:00  多目的ホール Oct.14(Fri)11:00 <2010/Japan/108min.>


Having grown up in a foster home, Kosuke becomes intrigued by the girl who is a target of hazing at school. Kosuke’s father suddenly appears before him and takes him to a church where he meets the same girl. A film about the meaning of true love.

Director/Shingo Takeda
Born 1986 in Aichi. In 2008, Takeda directed a medium length short film Ren-ai Kakumei which was screened at Hiroshima Visual Exhibition 2009, Pia Film Festival PFF Award 2009, and others. His feature film debut Children is a senior thesis film at Body Expression and Cinematic Arts Department, College of Contemporary Psychology at Rikkyo University. The film won Grand Prix at Fukui Film Festival 2010 and Special Jury Award at the 7th Ueda Jyokamachi Film Festival.

Don’t Stop!

映像ホール Oct.09(Sun)10:30  多目的ホール Oct.13(Thu)17:00 <2010/Japan/109min.>

Don’t Stop!


A mother consults a traveling novelist Ayumu Takahashi about her 46 year-old son, who became a wheel chair bound due to a motorcycle accident at the age of 26. That’s when an incredible 4,200km
journey starts involving the family and the friends. A moving documentary about a middle age delinquent in a wheelchair.

Director/Kenji Kohashi
Kohashi started his career as an actor starring in “Chura-san Series,”(NHK TV drama 2001-2007), Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? (directed by Shunji Iwai), Swallowtail Butterfly (directed by Shunji Iwai), Azumi (directed by Ryuhei Kitamura) and others. In 2007, he decided to take a break from his acting career and went to the US. Upon his return, he has been directing promotional videos for fashion brands, performing as a DJ, and producing media events. Don’t Stop is his directorial debut.

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Feature Length Competition [World CinemaJapanese Cinema]
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