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China's Van Goghs◊Asian Premiere◊

映像ホール上映日 7.18(Tue)11:00 
多目的ホール上映日 7.22(Sat)17:00

<2016/China, Netherlands/80min.>


In the village of Dafen, where more than half of all the replicas of world-famous paintings are produced, Xiaoyong Zhao, who taught himself how to draw, has painted Van Goghs for the last twenty years, dreaming someday he will be able to see the originals.

中国のゴッホ/China's Van Goghs

©YU Haibo

Director: Haibo Yu, Kiki Tianqi Yu


中国のゴッホ/China's Van Goghs

Director: Haibo Yu

Director: Haibo Yu

Haibo Yu received a BA in Photography from the University of Wuhan, China, and is a pioneer in surrealism photography in China. Since 1989, he has been working on documentary photography, and his photo series including “Tibet”, “Music Youth”, “China’s urban expansion”, have won many prizes and been exhibited internationally. He published a book “Living in China’s Shenzhen” (2008), his films include One Man’s Shenzhen (2012). China’s Van Goghs is his debut feature film.

Director: Kiki Tianqi Yu

Director: Kiki Tianqi Yu

Kiki Tianqi Yu is a producer at Century Image Media Ltd. (China) and Associate Professor of Film and Screen Studies at USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creativity Industry, based in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. Her films include Photographing Shenzhen (2007), Memory of Home (2009), Tube (2008). She studied Film and TV Production, at the Westminster Film School, the University of Westminster and Sociology at the University of Cambridge, and was awarded a PhD in Documentary from the University of Westminster. She is the daughter of Haibo Yu.

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