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A Girl UntouchableLast Love LetterAfter Hoursborn bone boon

多目的ホール 7.16(Sun)11:00 
こうのすシネマ 7.17(Mon)11:00  
彩の国さいたま芸術劇場 7.17(Mon)13:30  
映像ホール 7.18(Tue)14:00

[Short ① Short ② Short ③

A Girl Untouchable



In preparation for their college entrance exams, Shun and Tatsuya look for a place where they can concentrate on their studies. They arrive at a mountain inn, but Shun falls in love with Nagi, a shrine maiden who works at the inn and his concentration is broken.

夏の巫女/A Girl Untouchable


Director: Hidetaka Komukai
Cast: Sara Ogawa, Chihiro Yoshida, Daichi Shiraiso


キッチンの神様/The Kitchen God

Director: Hidetaka Komukai

Director: Hidetaka Komukai

Born 1988 in Iwate, Komukai graduated from Waseda University. He served as Director of Photography on short film Omokage (2017) by Keigo Kato, which was theatrically released in 2017. He also directed a music video for Keyakizaka 46. This short was invited to screen at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.

Last Love Letter



In the not so distance future, Akiko loses her husband in an accident and revives him as a humanoid that can only operate for two weeks. Aki and the android begin their lives together.

ラストラブレター/Last Love Letter

©studio so-lars.

Director: Hiroyuki Morita
Cast: Sho Mineo, Yuko Kageyama, Ayumi Tada


ラストラブレター/Last Love Letter

Director: Hiroyuki Morita

Director: Hiroyuki Morita

Born 1984 in Saitama, Morita began filmmaking while attending high school. After graduating from the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, he worked on theatrical films in various capacities and directed independent short films, which screened at Mito Short Film Festival, Tanabe Benkei Film Festival, and Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market.

After Hours



Yoshida, a middle aged DJ, and Mika, a young girl who is clubbing for the first time, meet in a club crowded with youngsters. As they walk through the streets of Udagawa-cho in Shibuya, a memory of another era when the streets were populated with record stores comes alive.

After Hours/After Hours

© Tatsuo Kobayashi / Happy Tent

Director: Tatsuo Kobayashi
Cast: Yohta Kawase, Tomoco Nozaki, Kyo Nagai, Daiki Miyoshi, Ririka, Carlos Yoshida, Saki Tanaka


After Hours/After Hours

Director: Tatsuo Kobayashi

Director: Tatsuo Kobayashi

Born 1985 in Kyoto, Kobayashi won the Grand Prix at the 10th Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival with District (2005). His first theatrically released feature Gassoh (2015) screened at the 39th Montreal World Film Festival.


born bone boon



Hitoshi has returned to his hometown of Agunijima to introduce his wife, Yuko, to the family. But Yuko is furious when she’s told the reason for the trip home is a “senkotsu” ceremony - Agunijima’s continuing custom of cleansing the bones of the dead.

born、bone、墓音。/born bone boon


Director: Gori
Cast: Gori, Hitomi Sato, Tomoji Yamashiro, Misako Koja, Azusa Gushiken, Masami Iha, Kanako Fukuda, Kenta-kun


born、bone、墓音。/born bone boon

Director: Gori

Director: Gori

Born 1972 in Okinawa, Gori studied film at Nihon University, College of Art. He is an established comedian, actor, and director. In 2006, Detective Boggie, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, won an award at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. He has ten films under his belt including feature film Furimun in Okinawa (2009).


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