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Mitokomon Z/NAGISADepartureif winter burned

多目的ホール 7.16(Sun)14:30 
映像ホール 7.17(Mon)11:00 
こうのすシネマ 7.17(Mon)12:50  
彩の国さいたま芸術劇場 7.19(Wed)14:00

Short ① Short ② Short ③

Mitokomon Z



Mito Komon and his retainers travel to a town where they hear injustice is being done. They immediately begin an investigation, but Sukesaburo, one of the retainers falls in love with Otsuru, a town girl he meets by chance.


©Mitokomon Z

Director: Shogo Okawa

Cast: Katsunori Goto, Shigeki Maegawa, Junki Saito, Chieko Imaizumi, Takafumi Sasai, Keito Kaetsu, Ryo Ushimaru



Director: Shogo Okawa

Director: Shogo Okawa

Born 1978 in Hokkaido, Okawa worked at a company that develops mobile contents and social games. In 2009, he went independent and began making films. In 2013, he directed short film Samurai Opera, a period piece musical which screened at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival and many others totaling 15 film festival entries.





Two classmates, a boy and a girl, sit by the poolside during gym class and converse for the first time. Their conversation is trivial, but as the time goes by, her voice makes an impression in the boy’s mind. A bittersweet tale of adolescence.

幽霊ダンサー/Ghost Dancer

©Takeshi Kogahara Film

Director: Takeshi Kogahara
Cast: Kenshin Endo, Himeka Asami, Yutaka Tsunemachi, Tomoya Miike, Shu Takaura, Namiko Ikeda



幽霊ダンサー/Ghost Dancer

Director: Takeshi Kogahara

Director: Takeshi Kogahara

Kogahara graduated from Art Center College of Design in the US and began making music videos and commercials. Since 2015, he has been represented by CluB_A and his commercials screened and were awarded at Cannes Lions, Ad Stars, Adfest and other commercial festivals. His short films also screened at LA Shorts Film Fest and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and other festivals. 






A man who placed flowers on a road saves a high school girl who is about to commit suicide. He has no intention of stopping her, but insists she can’t do it on the road. He lost his wife there two years earlier. Their encounter changes their plans.


©Shin Sonoda

Director: Shin Sonoda
Cast: Takaki Uda, Chihiro Kasahara, Kosuke Sakaki, Kana Harada



Director: Shin Sonoda

Director: Shin Sonoda

Sonoda studied filmmaking in New York and his first feature film Wiz/Out (2007) screened at Eurospace in Tokyo. He was selected for the D-MAP 2009 program and directed Nemuriba (2010), which was released at United Cinemas. His feature length screenplays won the Grand Prix at Hakodate Harbor Illumination Film Festival Scenario Award. In 2017, he directed feature film The Reverse Diaries.


if winter burned



A blue haired boy and his mother who suffers from dementia visit a town of Abashiri. As they tour the town, her condition gets worse. Tired and exasperated, the only thing he can do is to embrace his mother.

冬が燃えたら/if winter burned

©Altan Cinemas

Director: Naoya Asanuma
Cast: Kazuhiro Sawada, Emi Mori


冬が燃えたら/if winter burned

Director: Naoya Asanuma

Director: Naoya Asanuma

Born 1985 in Nagano, Asanuma studied filmmaking at Toho Gakuen and apprenticed under Screenwriter Masayoshi Wagatsuma. He made his debut as a screenwriter at the age of 19. In 2013, he gained recognition directing “Ashita no Madeleine” (TV Drama) produced by TV Tokyo. His first feature Heart Beat (2012) was nominated in the Feature Length Competition at SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2012.



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