[Online screenings] Notice on the maximum number of views.

All competition films at SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2023 will be also available on the streaming site “CINEMA DISCOVERIES” (Registration is required on the site).

*The streaming site is available in Japanese only.

* The Online Screening period of the festival will be 10:00, July 22 (Sat) to 23:00, July 26 (Wed), 2023. The screening will end after this period, so please complete viewing by 23:00 on the last day, July 26 (Wed).

* There is a maximum viewing number for some titles due to rights matters. These films will be inaccessible when the viewing number reaches each films limit, even if it’s during the festival.

(Film with a maximum 300 viewing limit)
Is There Anybody Out There?
My Mother’s Eyes (*New)

(Film with a maximum 500 viewing limit)
Six Weeks

We appreciate your understanding.