SKIP CITY Location Map

SKIP CITY Location Map


*Due to preventative measures against COVID-19, some venues may be closed or have shortened business hours.

Nursery Service - Reservation Required - (3F)

Enjoy films while leaving your children in the care of our nursery.

  • During film screenings only on the dates of 7/17 (Sun) to 7/23 (Sat)
  • For parents who attend screenings in Audio Visual Hall and Convention Hall with children older than 3 months
  • Fee: ¥300 (per screening)
  • Inquiries: Mama Mate TEL & FAX: 048-752-7711
  • Reservation: Mon – Fri 9:00 – 18:00
    or call 090-3658-4093
  • Website:
    *Please reserve at least two days before the required service.


Visual Museum(2F)

Learn the history and principles of the filmmaking process with interactive exhibitions. Featuring a special exhibition "Zekkyo Gakkyu in SKIPCITY", where you can experience the world of "Zekkyo Gakkyu", a popular series of horror comics for girl’s manga magazine "Ribbon".

*Admission free upon presenting the QR code on paper or your mobile during the festival.


Audio Visual Library(2F)

The largest audio-visual archive in the country run by NHK and Saitama Prefecture. You can view images and films on historical and cultural properties of Saitama as well as popular NHK programs from the past.


Saitama Prefectural Center for Consumer Affairs (2F)

An exhibition of interactive installations on the theme of consumer affairs. Children and adults can enjoy learning in the exhibition zone and theater. Various summer events are held during the film festival.


Kawaguchi Science Museum(1F)

A creative and insightful museum with an observatory, a planetarium and a science exhibition room.

  • 9:30 ー 17:00(Entry until 16:30)
  • Science Exhibition: Adult ¥210, Child ¥100
  • Planetarium: Adult ¥410, Child ¥210
  • TEL:048-262-8431
  • Website:



Come by and shop for various design and rare food products manufactured by the members of a vocational aid center.





8:00 - 18:00

Bankuru Ramen


11:00 - 22:00



16:00 - 24:00