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My Family Jumble◊World Premiere◊

多目的ホール上映日 7.17(Sun)10:00 
映像ホール上映日 7.20(Wed)17:00

<2016/ Italy /90min.>

11 year old Martino grew up happy with a younger brother and his parents. When he begins middle school, he is the only one with parents still together. Seeing his classmates spoiled by their divorced parents, Martino plans to split up his own parents.

ファミリー・ジャンブル/My Family Jumble

©Reset Media

Director:Max Nardari
Cast:Gabriele Caprio, Marco Cocci, Bianca Nappi, Elisabetta Pellini, Eleonora Giorgi, Ninni Bruschetta, Roberto Carrubba


ファミリー・ジャンブル/My Family Jumble

Director:Max Nardari

Director:Max Nardari

Born in Treviso, Italy, Nardari studied film direction and advertising at NUCT in Rome and graduated in 2000. He founded his own production company Reset Production in 2003. He has written, directed, and produced various short films, which won numerous awards both nationally and internationally including Jakarta Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival and many others. He made his feature debut with Di Tutti I Colori (2014), which was a co-production of Italy and Russia. My Family Jumble (2016) is his second feature film.

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