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©François Nemeta

Director: François NEMETA
Cast: Michel GONDRY

2023 / France / 80min.


Michel Gondry grew up in a musical family, and his grandfather was an inventor. His filmmaking career began with music videos for the band Oui Oui, for which he was the drummer. Gondry’s creativity blossomed even further after meeting Björk, and he went on to collaborate with numerous prominent artists, ultimately making his way to Hollywood. Director François Nemeta, who met Gondry during the latter’s Oui Oui days and came to work with him as an assistant director over many years, delves into the creative essence of this man who has changed the world with his DIY spirit. The film goes from Gondry’s early music video days to the sets of his more recent films, revealing the secrets of a rare artistic talent through a mixture of extremely personal footage, extensive archive material, and interviews with family members and artists including the Chemical Brothers and Beck. Expression, creativity, and what it takes to excel at both. Michel Gondry’s journey serves as a road map for anyone who aspires to become an artist—plus a firm push to get them going.

監督:François NEMETA

© François Nemeta

Director: François NEMETA

Michel Gondry’s first assistant, he worked for him for ten years, witnessing firsthand as he took the MTV world by storm with music videos for artists such as Björk and Daft Punk, and the exhilaration of his subsequent arrival on the Hollywood scene. Nemeta is himself active as a director of commercials and music videos (for artists including Benjamin Biolay, Alain Souchon, and Modjo), and has also turned his hand to documentary and fiction filmmaking in the last few years. 


How did the young Oui Oui drummer I met thirty years ago become one of the most prolific creators of his time? How did he manage to make it big in Hollywood without ever giving up his instantly recognisable style? Shy and modest, Michel has long remained hidden behind his camera. Now it’s time to turn the camera on him, with his active complicity.