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Drive My Car

7.19 (Fri) 10:30 Convention Hall


Director: Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI
Cast: Hidetoshi NISHIJIMA, Toko MIURA, Masaki OKADA, Reika KIRISHIMA
Based on the novel by Haruki MURAKAMI
Distributor: Bitters End

2021 / Japan / 179min. / PG12


Stage actor and director Kafuku’s contented life with his beloved wife Oto is abruptly interrupted when she passes away, leaving behind a secret. Two years later, Kafuku meets reticent and secretive Misaki, who will drive him to Hiroshima in his beloved red car for a theater festival. In casting the play he will direct, he encounters the actor Takatsuki, who had been introduced to him by Oto. Kafuku is tormented by his loss, and the secret that had never been revealed to him. 

In their time driving to Hiroshima, he and Misaki begin to reveal their respective pasts, and Kafuku finds himself opening his eyes to things he had never realized. 

How we cherish our love, even though it hurts; how hard trust is, but how powerful—the agony and beauty of living. Where will this man, grieving his beloved wife, end up after such a struggle? The closing 20 minutes, capturing the characters’ journey towards rebirth, are a cinematic tour de force, sure to shake viewers to their core. Universally resonant, a contemporary masterpiece.